RFS: No standby redo logfiles …

Some day, you may trap the following error message with your standby database alert log (seen on a

RFS: No standby redo logfiles available

The reason for this message is most probably that you have cloned your standby database with rman and configured your dataguard environment to directly write into redo log at standby (using LGWR), instead of just transfering the archive log items from primary (using ARCH), but have missed to provide the necessary standby redo log files. RFS may also log RFS[1]: Unable to open standby log 9: 313 or something similar (the primary will also complain about connection problems to the standby destination target, which is the standby redo log, actually).

RFS: No standby redo logfiles available of size 104857600 bytes


PING[ARC1]: Heartbeat failed to connect to standby ‘dgp’. Error is 1031.

just for short, digged another “circumstance” of oracle operation, in a data guard environment this time. i usually set up standby databases from a rman backup set, clone and adapt the spfile, clone the password file, create a new instance and so on. this works great, no problems so far.

this afternoon however, i got notified that some alert.log of a primary database is packed with messages of the following pattern: