Month: June 2015

Solr 2 oracle date indexing timezone handling and probable issues

Apache Solr provides a field definition type for datetime values called solr.TrieDateField (TrieDateField) that is based on an efficient compare-/sort-representation. Being an extension-/derived-class to the well known solr.DateField (DateField) up to Solr 4.x, solr.TrieDateField does replace solr.DateField for Solr releases > 5.0 . Using one or the other date field preassumes one important convention: to handle any value passed around or processed within Solr as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or zulu time (Z appended) such that all that timezone-detection- and timezone-math-hassle can be avoided. Solr thus exclusively allows values given to the DataImportHandler as defined in ISO 8601, “1995-12-31T23:59:59Z” as an example. However, iff you do not pass the value as a string but as a database date or timestamp w/o tz datatype within an sql select statement to DataImportHandler, secondary Solr-side processing may have to be taken into account.