Month: March 2014

(raw) Oracle Linux 6 memory foorprint with/out X11

Running quite a couple of (Linux) guests on a virtual host sooner or later raises the question of the (guests / host resources) ratio. That is, commonly for cpu, ram and i/o, how many guests will fit on that specific host for an average load.

Having this question nagging in my head, I was particularly curious to find out how much memory an OL6 will consume for a pure operating system installation with and without the convenience of running X11 (which is animated by Gnome 3.x in OL6, having most of the autostart apps removed – xfce will be much leaner but that’s another story).

The top Mem: used snapshots were taken immediately after a bounce of the guest to have as less application code inference as possible since Linux never frees memory iff not necessary. Here we go.