OTRS Dashboard / Set up an agent statistic element (widget)

OTRS does provide agent statistics to show on the dashboard. However, this settings is not active by default, so you’ll have to enable this feature in Admin->SysConfig under the UseAgentElementInStats identifier first.
Go and search for it, using the upper left input field, as usual, then switch it on.

Next, within Reports->Statistics, add a new statistic of type Dynamic Matrix, leave all atrributes, except title, as given and save the new element. Continuing, a nicely designed graphical formular will be shown, allowing to define x- and y-axis data sources and further a settings, like summation, caching and, most importantly here, dashboard availability.

Concerning result formats, we’ll choose a bar chart, along with the tabular-oriented patterns into csv, xls and pdf.

Very cool then, the graphical formular has a preview enbedded, giving you a great idea of what the statistic representation will look like after all.

Having all tuned up to the personal / business needs, you can add the new widget to the dashboard as usual.

And here it goes, in stacked view. Using the download feature, upper right corner of the widget, upon hover, may produce a pdf like shown here, using SumatraPDF.

Have fun, Peter

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