dell pe6850

A restore and recovery duration test

the following information is something one hardly finds on the net or in printed material. that is, this information is not really tricky to examine or even secret. it is just difficult to describe and to express because it depends on such a multitude of other information, mainly system power and configuration, that no rule of thumb can be established.

the information is: how long does it take to fully restore and recover my database (did you ever try?).

i’m not going to discuss performance optimizations here. i’ll only show up with a test lab report that someone else may or may not reuse for a personal examination or comparison.

this is what i had:

  • dell pe6850, 4 xeon 7130 (dual core, 3.2 ghz), 8 gb ram, win 2003 enterprise r2 sp2
  • oracle enterprise
  • 400 gb online database size
  • 110 gb compressed backup set size (85 gb level 0 backup, 20 gb level 1 backup, 5 gb archivelog backup)
  • 3 active rman channels to disk
  • nearly no secondary load on the system

this is what i achived:

  • 5 hours

have fun.