Month: July 2010

Installing Apex (3.2.1) along with OHS (11g iAS_10.1.3.3_Apache2_Modplsql2)


below you’ll find an installation procedure for apex along with just one variant of the available multitude of web connectors, here ohs (oracle http server aka apache) shipped with 11g. the post heavily sources from this article (in german), which is very much appreciated, but does regard oracle xe only and will not function for a 10g non-xe. futhermore, this article saved my day in pointing out what a non-xe 10gR2 dislikes in regard to dads.conf, the mod_plsql dad configuration file.

installation versions and prerequisites

ok, let’s go straight. the latest version of the 3.x release of apex, which is 3.2.1, can be downloaded here. indeed, apex version 4.0 has already been brought online but i want to eat that banana now. ohs is available as a standalone labelled with the 11g distribution here or as a part of the companion media of ias 10gR3 versioned here. i preferred to employ the first packaging, solely triggered by download time resources. the apex code will live inside an oracle 10gR2

apex 3.2.x does define some installation requirements as set forth in this document. i already have oracle xdb, oracle text and things such that i only needed to update owa (pl/sql web toolkit).

installing apex

firstly do extract the apex source stack ( into some persistent location. me, i used %ORACLE_HOME%\apex. from there on do update owa to at least version