Month: November 2012

The 11g pivot query and the group by clause

There has been this long awaited pivot query feature available since 11g that saves us time in writing those infamous decode / group by queries (see expert one-on-one from Tom Kyte or the web for examples) to flip (grouped by) leading row values to column names.

Searching the web for application examples, however, does only reveal this emp-table stuff, e.g. on, that still contains the well known group by with the base query.

  FROM (SELECT job, deptno, sum(sal) sal FROM emp GROUP BY job, deptno)
         PIVOT ( sum(sal) FOR deptno IN (10, 20, 30, 40) );

JOB               10         20         30         40
--------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
CLERK           1300       1900        950
SALESMAN                              5600
PRESIDENT       5000
MANAGER         2450       2975       2850
ANALYST                    6000

Jep so, what I wanted to achive was a simple flip of rows of status values and counts into columns of status names and count values based on some data like the following.