Month: August 2013

Install/update oracle fat client on windows

This is a short script with notices about the employment of the 11gR2 patch set 2 (aka oracle fat client on windows x64. That is, saying fat client, I’m talking about the classic client side software collection, featuring oci.dll at most as well as other .net and java and the like things.

I’m definitely not talking about the instant client stuff invented with oracle releases 10g or so.
I already have a running oracle fat client around, such that I’m discussing an update here but quite a lot of information will also be interesting iff you’re planning a fresh installation of the oracle fat client.
Finally, the deployment platform in question is windows 7 x64, which takes importance when examining the different patching strategies that oracle does meanwhile run for *ux (PSU/CSU) and win (none such) plattforms. Let’s get started.

Downloading the necessary files

Your first spot to start from will surely target to Oracle Database Software Downloads where you’ll learn that any related software is only available via Oracle Support.