Month: August 2014

Upgrading Postgresql from/to 9.1/9.3 along with Ubuntu 14.04

This is about getting Postgresql from versions 9.1 to 9.3 initiated by the upgrade of Ubuntu to 14.04 (Lts). Actually, successfully upgrading Ubuntu to trusty finds you starting with the old 9.1 still running as usual and the new 9.3 already installed and initialized (initdb). Since file locations for Postgresql on Debianlikes always feature the version with the pathnames, this not much of a problem. Notably at least, the old 9.1 keeps to the known default port of 5432 whereas the new 9.3 has been configured to the also known increment of 5433. To anticipate the results below, the databases (clusters) upgrade finished without any problems, a simple hurdle being the correct callout of pg_upgrade against pg_ctl, which is not officially installed on Debianlikes. Beware to install the postgres-xc-package as recommended when trying to tentatively lift off pg_ctl on the command line – you’re not going to need a bit of it. All you’ll need is to pass some dedicated pg_ctl-options within the option list of pg_upgrade, just an exception for Debianlikes, deviating from the otherwise still excellent Postgresql documentation (hats off). Docs that helped along the way read as follows: