Month: December 2010

Installing DBPrism (in-Oracle-Lucene) on a WinXP-10gR2


This post talks, shares experiences, about installing Marcelo Ochoa’s (MO, Marcelo Ochoa’s personal blog) in-oracle-lucene implementation into an oracle on winxp. MO did a really great job in porting a raw lucene to an oracle database. His essential trick is actually to represent the file system layer, lucene usually lives in, within a blob based storage as well as employing the oracle odci-interface. Any further information is available in the online documentation here Lucene Domain Index.


The latest version of the code stack is available as from Do not care about the sourceforge project being called DBPrism or this other code stack around being tagged ojvm, this is all history. The latest version to comprise the lucene 3.0.2 core base is lucene-odi, lucene-ojvm currently features the lucene 2.9.2 core base as just a maintainance release.

Another necessary download is ant, as a build and installation runtime environment. I sourced from Finally, iff you plan to compile the java code to windows dll’s for better performance (especially on production hosts), you may need to get Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express from Its free and will supply, beneath a lot of other stuff, what is expected, i.e. provides for a C++ compiler and dll linker.