rman duplicate

rman duplicating an oracle database in a new sid / two host scenario


there are many ways to clone an oracle database. you may just copy and init a cold backup, do a rman restore / recover or employ datapump. according to the number of possibilities there is another multitude number of things you have to evaluate in advance, prepare, configure, keep in mind, postprocess etc., for every clone procedure. me, i mostly use cloning by cold backup, preferably if cloning to another host is requested and if the database system identifier (sid) remains the same. although this way of cloning nearly needs no additional work, you have to take into account that copying the (cold) files from source to destination may take a considerable amount of time, especially for large databases (i’m going to show in another post how to accelerate that by san-snapshotting, a technique becoming deservedly popular lately).

if you cannot go with source database downtimes at all, the rman duplicate functionality might be the preferred choice. it is sort of rman restore / recover, can therefore live on a hot backup, but saves yourself from playing around with controlfile backups / scripts or the nid tool for example. much more far from it, rman duplicate even uses a live, the source, controlfile for automated database structure setup on the destination. but now let’s see how a rman duplicate may work for a given scenario.