Running google maps 3.2.1 on a blackberry curve 8900

this is way off topic (of oracle) somehow but it may probably help some people that complain that the latest versions of google maps (http://www.google.com/gmm) does not run on a pure, that is no bes / bis, blackberry curve 8900 device. the problem shown is the famous:

Network Unavailable: This application requires a data connection, and some blackberry devices require reconfiguration to work properly.

error message on application launch of google maps (and other applications as i read). aside from any wrong application security settings, as one may suspect, the problem solution is explicitely setting the carrier apn login information with the tcp/ip settings dialogue (see settings -> advanced settings -> tcp/ip). here you have, as a free minded translation of my german dialogue layout, originally:

[x] APN-Settings enabled
[ ] APN-Authentication
Login name for APN:
Password for APN:

complete this with the freely available carrier apn login information (see in germany, for example, http://www.besmgmt.de/knowledgebase/geraete/apn-ubersicht-deutscher-mobilfunkanbieter) to:

[x] APN-Settings
APN: internet.eplus.de
[x] APN-Authentication
Login name for APN: eplus
Password for APN: gprs

please note, that proceeding like this may cause extra cost at your side iff you do not have packet-based flat rate contract with your carrier.

to me, i think that google is urgently up to change its application design to use the network resources as being listed in the network service book (see settings -> advanced settings -> service book). this would also be another way to bind google maps to the much faster wifi network.

so far, this post http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=47617 is actually big nonsense.

last but not least: if you want to switch off gps tracing you mysterious adventures, the appropriate setting can be found in the google maps help dialogue.