Some useful terminal color scheme settings (mc, yast) on sles linux

I’m not very much into suse linux, only lately for a couple of times. However, I want to share these settings to be injected on each and every new system for essential readabilty of some console screens. Problem is, for some apps, midnight commander and yast so far, the default color scheme settings provide that less contrast, see below, that you’re literally guessing pixels instead of just reading text.
As given in the referenced posts, only small tweaks are actually necessary to achieve much better results, I’ll give examples as well, so go for it, don’t postpone to the next and the next and the next… login 😉

midnight commander

# show the installed color schemes
> ls /usr/share/mc/skins
darkfar.ini  default.ini  double-lines.ini  featured.ini  gotar.ini
# change the skin value for key "skin="
# might take an intial options safe in mc
vim .config/mc/ini

Original scheme example – aargh

Alternate schemes – I prefer gotar

Midnight commander, btw, also supports a last resort mono scheme by command line, using option “-b” notably


# see the schemes available and change to accordingly
> vim /etc/sysconfig/yast2
## Type: string(linux,xterm,rxvt,mono,inverted,highcontrast,braille)
## Default: ""
# Color theme for YaST ncurses UI
# xterm: blue-white-red
# linux: blue-white-yellow
# rxvt: black-yellow-red
# mono: white-black
# inverted: black-white
# highcontrast: lightgrey-black
# braille: for visually impaired

Original scheme example – aargh

Alternate schemes – I prefer rxvt

Have fun


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