Splitting a btrfs 4.1x root partition with debian live system gparted btrfs tools 3.17-x

This is a short picture log of doing a btrfs 4.1x root partition split on a (down) oracle linux 7.2 using a debian live system applying gparted based on btrfs tools 3.17-x. Lot’s of names and version codecs, right? But this is what matters. The important message is : it works using this flavours.
Actually, running oracle or redhat linux as the live system may have been much more appropriate concerning compatibility reasons. The odd things is, no redhat-based (enterprise) linux system features gparted. Only fedora does, sourcing the epel-repository but not having kinf of a live system release as debian.

  1. First, see the btrfs tools version currently installed.

  2. This is the before state, another partition of 20g is to be splitted off.

  3. Resize/Move from the button bar has been used.

  4. Resize/Move is being applied, includes file system shrink and partition split.

  5. The operation log, with commands being executed.

  6. The intermediate state, a raw (partition) chunk on the disk.

  7. Create a new primary partition and set the filesystem to ext4.

  8. Finished, final state, done.

Have fun, Peter

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