Windows task scheduler result codes

not that often but quite steady, during the process of configuring or monitoring the execution of tasks with the windows scheduler, one is faced with cryptic error codes in the Last Result column of the schedulers frontend. although the web spreads the rumour that a complete list of shell error codes may exist somewhere at msdn, there is another, web-independent way to decrypt the error codes into comprehensible explanations.

it’s just the net command expanded by the helpmsg switch that does the job. called in such a way, net helpmsg expects an error code input in decimal notation like this:

c:\>net helpmsg 143
The system cannot join or substitute a drive to or for a directory on the same drive.

the decimal value stems, in turn, from the hexadecimal value, 0x8f, as being printed in the Last Result column. most probably, 0x8f or 143, depict a situation, where a task cannot mount a given disk resource. in most cases, however, an error code of 0x1 just points to a defective script under the hood of a task.

by the way, there also is a rudimental logging available with the schedulers frontend. just click Advanced -> View Log in the menue.

have fun


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